Author Interview & Book Review: One Simple Memory-Jean Kelso

Hey guys!!  I am so excited to be kicking off my monthly author interview theme for my blog!  Once a month, I’m going to be bringing you guys an up close & personal author interview exclusive only to Heather & Horses! I am so excited for this opportunity and how it will let you guys get a closer glimpse to some of the authors we know and love!  Hopefully, you’ll find a few new ones to love!  I know I have!  So sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey with me!

This is my first post for the theme and I am so happy with it! I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.  Thanks for joining me on this adventure!


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One Simple Memory

Jean Kelso

Pages: 138

Genre: Romance, 18+, contemporary Fiction, New Adult

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Jenn Samos lived a quiet life. Loved and sheltered by her family and friends, she knew nothing of the huge secret being kept from her growing up.
Deeply in love with her best friend, the man she thought would be hers forever. One little argument and he was gone. She never understood why.
Now three years later, he’s back. And with him, her world as she knows it, comes crashing down around her. Sean says she needs to remember. But Jenn doesn’t understand.
Can One Simple Memory really get them out of the mess they are in, or will someone die to keep secrets buried?

I am so excited for you guys to get to know the author a bit more! We are so lucky to have an interview with her, exclusive to Heather & Horses!  Have a read, check out my review, and drop by Jean Kelso’s page and let her know Jessa at Heather & Horses sent you!

Questions about the author

  • How long have you been an author?
    I have been an author since 2014. I first self published One Simple Memory at that time. And began working on my next book. I was then picked up by Booktrope, who has since shut down (May 31) so I am now back to self publishing again, but OSM went through a makeover when I was picked up by them.
  • What is your favorite book?
    I don’t have just one favorite, I have quite a few actually. But if you need an author who is my go to, I would say Pam Godwin. She writes a book and never lets me down. I love all her books.
  • When reading, do you prefer eBooks or physical copies?
    I read both actually. When I can’t decide what to read on my kindle, I pick up a paperback. The pleasure of reading comes in all forms.
  • What book(s) are you currently reading?
    I am currently reading The Fixed Trilogy by Laurelin Paige and am loving it.
  • What is your favorite romantic movie?
    I have to go with Dirty Dancing. I just love that movie. I watch it every time it comes on.
  • What advice can you give to aspiring writers?
    No matter the obstacles, never give up. Try and try again. Your time will come. Be atient.

Questions about the book

  • Who was your inspiration for Sean?
    I honestly don’t know. I had a vision of the character but couldn’t really place him. In the beginning I thought possibly Alex Pettyfer, but the more I wrote, the less I was so sure. So, really, I have to leave that up to the readers on who they picture.
  • What gave you the idea for One Simple Memory?
    I was actually off work, ill. That horrible C word. Cancer. Sitting at home all the time with nothing to do and the story just started to come to me. The more I thought about it, I couldn’t help but start writing it.
  • Do you believe you would be friends with Jenn if she wasn’t a fictional character?
    Of course. So far, I haven’t written a character I haven’t connected with.
  • How do you do your research for your novels?
    The internet. You can find anything on the internet. With me living in Canada, I had to research the area I based the story on and the laws. I may have twisted a few of the facts, but the story is fiction.
  • Do you write full-time or part-time?
    I’m a part timer. I only write when I can really set my mind to it. The characters really need my attention and my mind is scattered 24/7 so it is when I find that moment of focus, I write.
  • How did you get the idea for the cover of the book?
    This is the second cover for my books. But in all reality, I try to take pieces of the story and put them on the cover. Plus I have an amazing designer.

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Jean Kelso’s second novel in the Memories series, JAKE’S REDEMPTION IS RELEASING JULY 2, 2016.

My Review

**I was given this book by the author, this did not influence my review in any way.**

One Simple Memory was a great, quick read that pulled me in from the very beginning. The characters of Jenn and Sean were compelling and well written and I enjoyed reading about them. Their personalities were easy to get a feel for and I enjoyed their shared history. From the very first chapter, my interest was piqued and I couldn’t get enough of the book! Jean Kelso has a gift for writing descriptions about the scenery she places her characters in and I felt as if I was there. The action was fast paced at the beginning and I was so excited to see what journey the characters embarked on. I can honestly say I was prepared for the kidnapping, running, and consequent fight back that I experienced when reading this book.

I enjoyed the diversity in the characters in the book. With most of the secondary characters being related to Sean and in the drug world, they were all their own characters instead of duplicates with different names, which was refreshing. Jake was well written and easily disliked as one of the villains of the book, as was Simon, and their father was every bit a drug lord, mob boss mafioso. I liked Jenn’s back story and how she was more or less betrayed by her father, yet she was able to grow into a strong, responsible woman.

The one thing I did not enjoy as much as the rest of the book was their apparent disregard for their own safety when they were in Las Vegas. Yes, they talked about being careful and changing their appearance, but I was a bit confused as to why they stayed in Vegas instead of continuing on. I enjoyed reading about their time on the strip, but for the reason of why they were hiding and on the run, it never felt frantic enough or that they were appropriately worried. However, this did not keep me from continuing the book and enjoying it immensely.

Their love story about second chances kept me entertained and reading without interruptions until the very last word. I am eagerly awaiting the second book!

I gave this book 4.5 stars!


I really enjoyed this book and the author interview!  I hope you guys can say the same! What did you think of the interview?  Let us know in the comments! Thanks for reading!

Happy page turning!



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