#30DayReadingIndie Day 3-Favorite Place To Read

Hey Guys!!  It’s time for day 3 of the #30DayReadingIndie Challenge! I love the idea behind this challenge and I hope if you haven’t already joined in, you’ll gallop on over to Book Enthusiast Promotions to find the #30DayReadingIndie Challenge to join in!

Day 3 is all about your favorite place to read. I’m one of those people that can fall asleep anywher, coincidentally, I can read anywhere too.  I’m not picky, if there’s a place I can sit and bury my nose in a book, I’m a happy worm!  But if I was to choose one place that I love to read the most, it would be out with my horses.


I’m a country girl in many ways, but definitely at heart.  My horses are my life and my passion and they make the best reading companions. Whether I’m in the hay barn, reading in the arena, sitting atop a magical steed of my own, or hanging out in the trailer at a horse show, I’m happiest hanging with them with a book in my hand.  Usually, when I’m at home, I can count on my dogs and chickens joining me and my horses, and we all just spend time together while I enter another world completely comfortable with my surroundings.  There’s always some iota of background noise with these crazies around and I can’t imagine anything better!  With as hot as the temperatures have been in Arizona lately, I haven’t been able to read as much outside with them as I’ve been spraying them down with the hose.  We all know physical books and water don’t mix well.  Add me to that mix and it’s just a disaster. :3 But I’m still reading like crazy! Maybe if I find a waterproof case for my tablet, I could take my Kindle app out with me.  Until then, I’ll just read in the AC dream of ponies prancing through my head.  😀


Where are your favorite places to read?  Do you have one or many? Let us know and join in on the challenge!


Happy page turning!




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