Book Review: Just Once More – Izzibella Beau

Just Once MoreJust Once More (Breathless #1)

Izzibella Beau

Pages: 248

Genre:  Romance, Young Adult, College, New Adult

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Everyone falls in love at least once in their lives, sometimes many times over. Young love, aging love, forever love, forbidden love.. and then there is the One Love. It consumes your life and makes every minute of every day worth living…the one love that leaves you breathless.

Emery Warden was an average eighteen-year-old girl–as average as one can be for having a terminal illness. She wanted to keep life simple and get through what time was left unscathed. No hurt, no pain, no heartache, so being a loner was her remedy for life. Emery just wanted to get through school and reach all the goals she had set for herself.

None of that included meeting and falling in love with Austin.
Austin Murray never got into trouble. As part of the elite at school–the football team–he never had to own up to any trouble. That all changed when trouble caught up with him. The last thing he expected when he began his mandatory volunteer work at the hospital was a girl who had no interest in him at all. He couldn’t say the same: the more he got to know Emery, the more he fell in love with her. She was different from every other girl he’d ever been involved with, and had no idea how that would change when he uncovered her secret…

Young love is a sweet love that will always be remembered, one that makes us who we are, and one that will leave us feeling alive…and breathless.

My Review

** I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. This did not impact my review at all.**

When I first saw the synopsis of this book, I immediately thought of “She’s All That” the movie with Freddie Prinze Jr and Rachel Leigh Cook. Quintessential smart girl and the football jock that is known for only wanting to sleep with girls and somehow, they end up spending time together. I wasn’t prepared for the roller coaster of emotions this book was nor for the plot twist I thought I was prepared for!

From the beginning, Emery is the kind of girl everyone has had in class. Super smart, not as interested in guys or boyfriends, and always volunteering. Austin was the football player who was superbly talented and known for his womanizing ways. They are thrown together at the beginning of the story as they volunteer with the children’s cancer patients on a regular basis. Emery is volunteering because she chose to, but Austin is volunteering because he was caught underage drinking, and at first, he can’t understand what Emery gets out of spending time with this terminally ill kids. This is really where we get a chance to see the real beginning of Emery and Austin’s relationship start to grow.

I really enjoyed seeing their relationship grow and grow throughout the timeline of the story. They didn’t seem like characters who would get together and last, but I’m glad they did. Emery was a great character to push Austin out of his comfort zones and make him really work for what he wanted. Austin was the perfect character to get Emery out of her shell and introduce her to other people. One of my favorite characters was Laney, Brandon’s girlfriend and Emery’s newest, closest friend. I feel like she was the grounding line in the story and was there to help both Emery and Austin when they were about to go off the deep end, especially emotionally. She was the one who balanced out Apryl’s craziness and obnoxiousness.

Throughout this story, I was reminded of the movies “A Walk To Remember” and “A Cinderella Story”. I feel like it was the perfect combination of the two and I loved my reading journey of this book. Austin started out seeming like he was the kind of guy who didn’t have much respect for girls and didn’t care about a serious relationship. I was excited to watch his character grow and see how he’d be there for Emery when she needed him. I really enjoyed the storyline overall and hope that we get to see more of Austin and Emery in the future!

I gave this book 4 stars!

Guess what!?  Amazon has this book for $0.99 right now, so if you’ve been wanting to read it or I put it on your radar, head on over there and buy it!
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Happy page turning!


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