#30DayReadingIndie Day 1! 

Hey guys!!  
Something super exciting has started and I can’t even wait to tell you about it!!  It’s the #30DayReadingIndie challenge hosted by Debra at the Book Enthusiasts Promotions Book Blog and it’s going to be spectacular!!  Be sure to follow the links I’ve posted here for you guys and you too can become involved!!  

What is the #30DayReadingIndie challenge you ask?  Well, it’s where readers and bloggers a like come together to read, review, and participate in the indie author book world!  There is a huge selection of ebooks from Kindle, NetGalley, and a few other places that have been graciously gifted to those who would love to participate!  

What do you need to do to participate?  Well just head over to their webpage blog post and sign up!  The instructions are easy to follow and before you know it, you’re signed up!  
I’ve pledged to read 15 indie ebooks this month and I know that I’ll surpass that.  How many do you think you’ll read? It doesn’t matter what you pledge, from 1-40, as long as you have fun and enjoy the books you read!

Okay, so go to the

my website and tell everyone your goal by leaving a comment and while you’re there check out what you need to do before requesting a book, how to request a book, check out the books up for review and a bunch of other important things you’ll need to get your reading on!
Use the hashtag, #30DayReadingIndie

whenever you post and post away!

Here’s the social media links to follow!


Twitter: @bookenthupromo 




Periscope: @bookenthusiat1

I’m so excited to begin this challenge!  If you sign up, comment here and let me know how many books you’ve pledged! 
Happy page turning and get your reading on!



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