So Much More (Made for Love #3) – R.C. Martin

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Title:  So Much More (Made for Love #3)

Author: R.C. Martin


Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary, 18 & up

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The Red Coat Incident
4 cups humiliation
2 cups rejection
1/2 cup heartache
3 tbs regret
1 tsp tears
A pinch of hope

Sarah’s life is a bit of a mess. After only a year of living her dream, teaching the third grade, one catastrophic mistake has her packing her bags and running away. Lost and broken, she clings to the small hope that her old stomping grounds will be the perfect place for her to start fresh. When she walks into Little Bird Cafe, looking for a job, she finds herself unprepared for the sweet deliciousness that is Brandon.

The Olivia Incident
5 cups loyalty
3 cups stupidity
1/4 cup resentment
2 tbs distrust
1 tsp weakness
A pinch of lust

Brandon’s dream is finally coming true. His days may be long and hard, but he refuses to complain. He starts every morning in his kitchen, baking his signature pastries. With the students pouring into the college town he calls home any day now, he knows he needs help around the shop. When Sarah, the blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty, walks into Little Bird asking for a job, he can’t refuse her. As her new boss, he tries to convince himself that he can look, but he can’t touch.

When he lets her loose in his kitchen, her broken heart is mended, his battered heart is stolen, and they can’t deny that they both want more. So much more.

[Book three in the Made for Love series can be read as a STANDALONE novel! I promise. Written for audiences 18+ years of age due to language and sexual content.]

My Review:

**I received this book for free from the author in exchange for writing an honest review.**

Man, oh man! What a book. Talk about being blindsided by something that seems so immediately “you” from the very beginning that you have to keep reading. You can’t help it and to even think about putting it down would be the cause of staying up all night.

For someone who lives with the horrid parasite that is anxiety, this book was a welcome release of pressure. I immediately felt like Sarah’s character was someone I knew all my life and was best friends with. She was completely real and very easy to like. While I can’t say my own situation was identical to hers, there were still similarities that had me feeling for Sarah when she was in an uncomfortable spot or even around the deliciously attractive Brandon.

Who doesn’t love a tall man that can bake? Because I know I do. Add to that a little scruff, a shop of his own, and an understanding personality that can’t help but want to try and make things better and you have a recipe for one outstanding man. I loved that both he and Sarah had relationship/commitment issues but didn’t stop trying to make their relationship work.

The first few chapters had me a little confused, but it didn’t take too much before I was back on the same page and riding along with their story. I really hope this isn’t the last we see of these guys, because I have to say, I’m kind of addicted. 🙂

I gave this book 5 magical stars!

Happy page turning!



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