Much Ado About Love-Elizabeth Dunk

much ado about lov e

Title: Much Ado About Love

Author: Elizabeth Dunk


Amazon: Much Ado About Love

Publisher: Escape Publishing


Opposites attract—but that doesn’t mean the road to happy-ever-after runs smooth…

Trix Leon and Ben Anthony have two things in common—they don’t believe in love and, together, they set the sheets on fire. Their relationship is safe, uncomplicated, and just what they both need—until John Aragorn shows up and gives them a third thing in common: an enemy.

When their friends decide it’s time for Trix and Ben to admit to themselves—and each other—how they really feel, Trix and Ben are caught in a whirlwind of emotion, a promise of something more. But Aragorn is determined to destroy everything: Trix’s hard work, her future, and her chance at something more with Ben.

Now Ben and Trix are left fighting for the one thing that neither of them knew they wanted: love.”


My Review:

I enjoyed the storyline and the plot of Much Ado About Love! It was fun to read about Trix and Ro and their center, as well as the lawyers that were repeat customers. Trix and her difficulties with trying to get the rezoning figured out were interesting and kept me involved with the story!

I wasn’t a fan of the dialogue between the characters. I wanted a bit more and for some of the conversations, it was tough to keep the characters straight between longer bits of dialogue. But I was happy with how much they interacted with each other and the main character had quite a bit of support from other characters.

Overall, the story was exciting and while I could figure out who the “bad” guy was, I still enjoyed reading it! The characters had some depth to them and the story really brought their unique personalities out.

My rating is 3.5 Great stars!

Happy page turning!




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