Beguiling Trickery- Tempest C. Avery


 Title: Beguiling Trickery

Author: Tempest C. Avery

Edition: Ebook

Pages: 328

Rating: 4.5 stars




“Two all powerful beings want her. One is a literal nightmare, the other is a god straight out of mythology.

Kenna Erikson knows absolutely nothing about Norse mythology. Which is daunting, considering she’s a volur, a type of seer the Vikings believed garnered favor with the gods. For the most part, she ignores her gifts, and the useless ability to foresee thirty or so seconds into the future. For as long as she can remember, she’s had only herself to rely on, and she likes that just fine. However, when shadows suddenly come alive and attack her, she’s forced to seek outside help in the form of tall, blonde, and infinitely annoying, Luka. Somehow, Luka knows all about her attackers, and the mythology they spring from. He’s also eager to help out, despite the fact they’ve only just met. But what secret is he keeping? Who is he really? And why does her heart flip every time he’s around?”

My review:

*I received this ebook for free in exchange for an honest review*

I have to say that this book surprised me from the get go! Kenna’s character was one that I admired for her spunk, strength, and wit. She was someone I was able to follow and get to know as the story went on, instead of wishing she would make different decisions, especially around guys, as I’ve seen in other YA and NA books I’ve read lately. Kenna wasn’t afraid to speak her mind to Luka or stand her ground when she felt like she was betrayed by Fiske and Parker. I also enjoyed how she was a strong female lead who didn’t let adversity keep her down.

The Norse mythology connection was one that was a bit confusing at the beginning, but started to make more sense the more of the story I read. The idea of the Mara was an interesting one that I want to research a bit more to see how much of it is a part of Norse mythology. I correctly figured that Luka was Loki earlier in the story, but was not prepared for his relationships with Kenna’s alter egos in her memories. Sometimes, I felt that the flashbacks/visions didn’t fit in quite right with the current topic of the storyline and I wasn’t sure why there was so much about Kari, but I enjoyed her “Seer” gift. While I have read some Norse mythology, this book helped remind me that I wanted to delve deeper into the history.

I am looking forward to another book. I love Kenna and Luka’s relationship and how everything isn’t always perfect. I am also looking forward to seeing how Parker helps Kenna grow and hone her gift.

My rating is 4.5 mythical stars!

Happy page turning!



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