And so it begins…

As a longtime, avid reader of anything between two covers, I felt it was time for me to begin to give back to the authors and other readers in the reading community. I’ve sometimes used book reviews as a way to broaden my reading horizons, but never really thought of posting reviews myself.  I enjoyed reading the books, sure!  But the idea of having my thoughts out there in the interwebs, where they might convince someone to read(or avoid) a book seemed like quite a bit of pressure to me!  Was I up to the task?  Could I tackle it with success?  Who knows. *Shrugs*


I’m hoping I can!  My reviews are probably going to be a bit weak and possibly sad at the beginning, but I’ll be working on it.  I’ll be reading other blogs and perusing reviews on Goodreads so I know what’s helpful to both authors and readers when it comes to book reviews. It’s not going to be an easy journey, but I can’t say I’ll complain about reading all these books. :3  I have quite a few books to read for ‘book challenges’ and I can assure you that the reviews I post on Goodreads for them will end up on the blog! It’s all about trying to challenge myself and grow into a better reader and better reviewer.


I hope you guys enjoy the journey and possibly find a new book or two to read!

Happy Page Turning!


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